The Healing Properties of Crystals



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  • Pronunciation: [mawl-duh-vahyt, mohl-]

  • Formula: SiO2,Al2O3,K2O,FeO, MgO,CaO,Na2O

  • Stone Qualities: Transformation, spiritual evolution, synchronicity, cleansing

  • Hardness (Mohs): 5.5 - 6

  • Chakras: All (esp. Heart and Third Eye)

  • Zodiac: All (esp. Scorpio) 

  • Locality: Czech Republic


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Moldavite is a fascinating dull greenish or olive green colored vitreous substance that was possibly formed as a result of meteorite impact. It is one type of tektite and is relatively fragile. It was first introduced in 1786 at Prague University by professor Josef Mayer to the scientific public, where it was referred to as “chrysolite.” Post 1836, it had become known as “moldavite,” after the town from which the first described specimens were derived. There was some confusion as to what the substance actually was or whether it was even authentic, but the present overwhelming consensus among scientists is that moldavites formed approximately 14,700,000 years ago during a giant meteorite's impact. Most, cooled while airborne, then landed in Bohemia, but moldavite has also been found in Moravia, Germany and Austria. This substance is commonly divided into two grades: museum grade (high quality) and regular grade. The difference in price between the grades can be quite steep. The museum grade is generally more translucent and has a fern-like pattern. It may be found in museums such as the Moldavite Museum in the Czech Republic or in hand crafted jewelry, although apart from the mainstream market. In this way, it has gained what some might call a cult status.

In the metaphysical world, moldavite may act as a stone of comfort and clarity. Keeping it on your person or wearing it set in jewelry on a daily basis should allow its energies to influence your vibrational field and strengthen its effects. These effects may include counteraction of cynicism, an increased sense of wonderment in the universe, an easing away of doubts and worries, inspiration, and more. If you find yourself plagued by the feeling that you don't belong in this world, try placing your specimen of moldavite over your heart and see if you don't begin to understand the reason and purpose behind your life. This stone is also claimed to serve as a powerful aid in dream work and meditation, honing its keeper's abilities to receive and interpret messages of guidance from other realms.

In addition to the aforementioned metaphysical benefits, moldavite offers a variety of benefits in the world of physical healing. Overall, it is considered to be a useful tool in the process of diagnosis, in that it is claimed to aid healers in locating the source and cause of disease and imbalance. Its high vibrational energy is also said to result in the removal of blockages and revival of damaged and dysfunctional cells. Aside from these general major contributions to the medical field, moldavite is also believed to prevent mental degeneration and enhance memory retention, provide support for those struggling with progressive illnesses, promote smooth electrical impulses in the brain, maintain the health of the eyes, and treat gout, rashes and allergies, anemia, asthma and other respiratory diseases. Many people have also maintained that moldavite seems to slow down the aging process and stimulate personal fulfillment, acting as a stone of “rejuvenation.”

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