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  • Pronunciation: [doo-mawr-tee-uh-rahyt, dyoo-]

  • Formula: Al6.5-7(BO3)(SiO4)3(O,OH)3

  • Stone Qualities: Order, Universal Communication, Spiritual Development

  • Hardness (Mohs): 7

  • Chakras: Throat (5th)

  • Zodiac: Virgo, Leo

  • Element: Wind, Water

  • Locality: Brazil, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Canada, Poland, France, Namibia, USA


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Dumortierite is an aluminum boro-silicate mineral that may be red, brown blue, pale blue, violet blue, or greenish blue in coloration. Rarely, it is also violet or pink. It exhibits an orthorhombic crystal system and typically forms fibrous crystals that show pleochroism. It has a specific gravity of 3.3 to 3.4, a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, a vitreous to dull luster, a white streak, and is transparent to translucent. First documented in France in 1881, dumortierite is named for French Paleontologist Eugene Dumortier. This stone occurs in aluminum rich locales formed in high heat and also in areas with abundant boron. This stone, aside from healing and metaphysical properties, is used in the manufacture of high grade porcelain and may sometimes be mistaken for sodalite.

Dumortierite is considered to be by many a powerful psychic stone. This stone is generally thought to increase the psychic ability and the connections to the divine mind. Also considered to be a stone of order, dumortierite may help to bring order and organization to a turbulent mental state. Dumortierite is regularly used as a meditation stone as it enhances the connection to the universe and can help bring clarity to the mind. Dumortierite can help to facilitate spiritual development and can help one to express and understand their spiritual experiences. Along these same lines, this important stone can help to increase contact with angels and other types of spiritual guides. Bringing order and a deeper, more fulfilling connection with the spirits and the spirit world may very well make this one of the more important stones in your repertoire. Enhanced connections paired with enhanced clarity may make for an especially balanced user. Dumortierite is closely associated with the throat chakra. This association helps to bring into balance the physical, mental, and spiritual communications which may help to keep the entire aura in balance.

In the same manner that dumortierite can be useful for metaphysical healing and balance it can also be used for physical healing and balance. Dumortierite is often used to treat depression and over-stimulation. On top of this, dumortierite may help to relieve the symptoms of addiction. This stone is considered to bolster the energy of self discipline so it is easy to see how it may help to achieve things like ideal weight or cessation of some undesirable activity. Dumortierite may also help to cool the body, treat certain skin disorders, ease the symptoms of diabetes, increase or balance your metabolic rate, or even soothe hyperactivity. Aside from strictly physical attributes dumortierite can help to soothe the mind from depression and help to clear the mind for more effective thought processes. All in all, it is clear that this important gemstone could be just the help you need for clarity and relaxation in order to gain a higher connection with the world around you.

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