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Tektites, When Meteors Met Earth


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All about meteoric glass including Moldavite, Libyan Desert Glass, and black Tibetan tektites


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 Tektites, When Meteors Met Earth


If you have been looking up into the night sky lately odds are pretty good that you've seen a shooting star or meteor shower.  When meteors enter Earth's atmosphere they are usually destroyed in a fiery light filled explosion.  The occasional meteor can make it all the way to the surface of our planet, and when that happens on a large scale new and interesting minerals are formed as a result.

Tektites are a meteoric glass that can be found at the site of a meteor crater (or impact crater) in what is known as a strewn field.  A tektite is formed when the impact of the meteor causes a high degree of heat and melts the meteor and surrounding minerals into a glass-like substance through a process called vitrification.  These new tektites usually have a unique mineral make-up as they contain minerals from both the earth and the outside alien meteor.  Many cultures throughout history have valued the tektites and have ascribed amazing powers to them.

Some of the most well-known tektites are Moldavite, Tibetan Tektite, and Libyan Desert Glass.  Moldavite is thought to be associated with the mystery of the Holy Grail.  The stone tablets given to Moses were described as emeralds from the sky which is how many people describe Moldavite.  Tibetan Tektites are rumored to give those who possess them strange dreams and visions.  King Tut had a scarab carved from Libyan Desert Glass at the center of his brooch.  These stones have always been cherished and adored by those who knew of their existence.  It is no wonder that they are still highly prized to this very day.

One possible explanation that may explain why these stones affect those they come in contact with may lie in the alien minerals they contain.  Minerals from Earth are made through volcanic and sedentary processes and contain a certain time signature; a twenty-four hour clock is built into their very existence.  Minerals made in another place would carry the time signature of that place.  That time signature, in the case of a meteor, may be much faster  like a speeding clock.  When our consciousness comes into contact with new and interesting time frequencies it can affect our perception of reality in amazing and often profound ways.  This can often be felt as a speeding up of our spiritual evolution or even a speeding up of our physical power of manifestation.  Consciousness is a feedback loop and it changes the world around it as it perceives it.  Tektites seem to speed up the feedback mechanism to a noticeable degree.  If you have never experienced the magic of a tektite Moldavite is a great stone that is readily available.  It is becoming one of the most sought after stones of the "New Age."

Libyan Desert Glass



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