The Healing Properties of Crystals



Quick Overview

  • Formula: S02

  • Stone Qualities: Spiritual Manifestation, Self-Love

  • Hardness (Mohs): 7

  • Chakras: Heart

  • Zodiac: Capricorn, Scorpio

  • Element: Earth, Fire

  • Locality:Brazil


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Prasiolite is the gorgeous, green variety of quartz, also called “vermarine,”  “amagreen,” “lime citrine,” “green quartz,” or “green amethyst” (erroneously).  It may also be spelled “praziolite.” Nearly all natural specimens have come from a little Brazilian mine ever since 1950, but this crystal has also been found in Poland, Canada, Tanzania, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and the United States (Nevada, Arizona  and New Hampshire). It rarely occurs in nature, but when it does, it is typically found in volcanic and igneous rocks, accompanied by amethyst. It is an oxide mineral that exhibits a variety of shades of green, a trigonal crystal system, no cleavage, a brittle tenacity, a Mohs scale hardness of 7, and a specific gravity of 2.65. It ranges from transparent to almost opaque. Prasiolite is scratch resistant and durable, and is usually sold to be used in daily-wear jewelry settings. People often create it synthetically by heat treating amethyst, and nearly all prasiolite currently available on the market results from ionizing radiation and heat treatment. Most amethyst turns brown, yellow or orange when heat treated, but specimens containing special iron compounds turn green, instead. The name “prasiolite” derives from its description of “leek green” in Greek. It is only one variety of quartz, amongst others such as amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, smoky quartz, rock crystal and milky quartz.

In the metaphysical world, prasiolite is associated with the element of earth, the astrological signs of capricorn and scorpio, and the energies of love, power and inner vision. Its numerical vibrations are 4 and 7. It resonates primarily with the heart chakra. It is regarded as a highly spiritual stone and is believed to help manifest spiritual ideals into our everyday lives. Many people choose to wear prasiolite, keep it near and/or meditate with it regularly in order to clear negative energy, foster self honor, self acceptance and compassion, ignite love, promote healing by eliminating the gap between the spiritual and physical, strengthen the will, mind and emotions, attract prosperity, bring good luck and fortune, protect from intoxication and more. In order to best amplify the metaphysical properties offered by prasiolite, its keeper might consider combining it with danburite, moldavite and/or amethyst, in particular.

Prasiolite has been valued in the world of physical healing, in addition to its aforementioned metaphysical healing benefits. Crystal healers claim success in using it to heal abrasions and burns, treat eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, address ailments of the skin and issues pertaining to fertility, promote proper functioning and health of the endocrine system, and more. Many people also choose to wear prasiolite or keep it with them while they achieve their weight loss goals, as it is believed to provide support in this venture. It is clear that this crystal is a valuable addition to any collector's collection for a myriad of reasons beyond its simple beauty.

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