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Smoky Quartz


Quick Overview

  • Pronunciation: [smoh-kee] [kwawrts] 

  • Formula: SiO2

  • Stone Qualities: Grounding, organization, remove negative energy

  • Hardness (Mohs): 7

  • Chakras: Root (1st)

  • Zodiac: Capricorn and Sagittarius

  • Locality: Brazil, Australia, Madagascar, Switzerland and the USA

Smoky Quartz

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Smoky Quartz crystals are also called morion and are naturally irradiated, they have a range of color from dark brown to black. This quartz mineral can be found all over the world but concentrations are located in Africa, Switzerland, and Brazil. The metaphysical proprieties of Smokey Quartz can help to enhance organizational skills, relieve depression, and cleanse negative energy. Smoky Quartz is the clearing stone, and is often used in crystal healing meditations. Smoky Quartz is an excellent grounding stone and benefits the concentration and can aide with psychic protection, It also amplifies energy and can often be felt while meditating with the stones in close proximity. The zodiac signs of this beneficial crystal are Scorpio and Capricorn, it also vibrates to the numbers two and eight. Smoky Quartz is used in chakra therapy as a healing tool for the base chakra. Combining two different stones in your crystal healing can amplify energy and make your healing experience a worthy one.When smoky quartz is combined with clear quartz it can create a beautiful flow of positive energy. The physical benefits of using Smoky Quartz crystal can be seen almost immediately. This stone can aid in back pain, cramps, sores, panic attacks, and headaches. Smoky Quartz is used by many healers for the positive outlook and energy one feels while meditating with this stone. It can help many people relieve their depression and worries and make many feel at ease.