The Healing Properties of Crystals



Quick Overview

  • Pronunciation: [fuhl-gyuh-rahyt]

  • Stone Qualities: Expansive, Electric,

  • Hardness (Mohs): 7

  • Chakras: 6th (Third eye), 7th (crown)

  • Zodiac: Aries

  • Locality: USA, South America


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Fulgurite is formed when silica, quartzose sand or soil is instantaneously melted on a conductive surface at a temperature of 3,270 degrees Fahrenheit or more, causing fusion of the grains. The cooled product is a natural hollow glass tube. The most common pathway by which fulgurite is formed is via lightning. Indeed, it is also known as “petrified lightning.” In this process, which occurs over the time span of about a second, the substrate is melted together on the conductive surface and fascinating evidence of the path and dispersion of the lightning strike over or into the surface of the earth is left behind. Other ways that fulgurite has been formed include high voltage wires, meteorite impact, and volcanic explosions providing the same temperature on the same surface conditions. Fulgurite is classified as a mineraloid due to its amorphous structure. It ranges in color as much as sand does. It exhibits a hardness of 6.5 on the Moh's scale and is very fragile. It is popular among both hobbyists and collectors who appreciate their scientific value, as they not only represent tangible evidence of the path and structure of lightning strikes, but also provide historical information. For example, we now know that lightning used to be a common occurrence in the Saharan Desert because fulgurites are abundant there.

Fulgurites are considered to be one of the most powerful stones in existence. They are even sometimes referred to as “the finger of god” and believed to represent the touch of the divine. They are said to give off a strong, clear high frequency vibration akin to the very lightning that created them. Not surprisingly, it is said that this “lightning stone,” which is often used as a powerful shamanic tool, holds the power to build or increase a connection between its wearer and the higher universe, and accelerate psychic hearing. It may eliminate distraction, increase concentration, and enable the prediction of future events. It is also claimed to clear blocked chakras and be a useful tool in meditation and prayer. One must be careful with fulgurite, though, as it is believed to make one's dreams manifest, for better or for worse. Supposedly, you can meditate with it to realize your truest intentions, and then blow them through the tube, and what was intended will manifest. Those with the strongest imaginations might therefore be especially careful. The Native Americans used fulgurites as charms to bring rain and provide protection from lightning.

On a physical level, fulgurite has been used to strengthen the blood flow to the extremities and capillaries of the body, heal blockages, strengthen tissues and muscles, bring balance to the nervous system, improve the immune system and activate the thymus, and improve or correct throat ailments. Additional claims include the abilities to prevent multiplication of cancerous cells, rejuvenate healthy cells, and heal the ears or possibly even stimulate hearing.