The Healing Properties of Crystals

Fire Agate


Quick Overview

  • Pronunciation: [fah-yuhr ag-it]

  • Formula: SiO2

  • Stone Qualities: Vitality, creativity, sexuality, implementation

  • Hardness (Mohs): 7

  • Chakras: Root (1st), Sacral (2nd), Solar Plexus (3rd)

  • Zodiac: Aries

  • Locality: Mexico

Fire Agate

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Found only in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico, fire agate is a mineral of the quartz family, a variety of chalcedony. It was formed in these areas in a period of volcanic activity 24-36 million years ago, or during the Tertiary Period. It falls between 6.5 and 7 on the hardness scale,  2.59 and 2.61 on the specific gravity scale, and has a trigonal/monoclinic crystal structure. The fire agate appears to have living flames of red, orange, gold and green within it, set in a deep, translucent red-brown base, giving it a sense of mystery and beauty. Light interference on layers of limonite crystals and iron oxide give this stone its amazing iridescent colors. Because it was believed to house the essence of fire, it was historically used in alchemy.

Fire agate is said to be a grounding stone with a strengthening influence that brings safety and security. It purportedly provides a strong calming energy while also enhancing the wearer's physical energy, opening the base chakras and improving vitality, courage and balance. It represents high ambition and achievement. It could be useful to you if you would like to conquer a fear of sexual intimacy, as it is also said to stimulate sexual energy. It was valued for its believed ability to help those with timid or shy tendencies to speak up for themselves and not allow themselves to be bullied or ignored, in traditions sacred to fire deities. If you are a person who is indecisive and who has possibly lost sight of his or her passion and purpose in life-- if you feel that you are in a place where you have become complacent and are “stuck in a rut,” as they say-- this might be the stone for you. Wearers claim that it increases emotion and passion, and has the power to reconnect you to your deepest personal desires, as well as providing you with the courage to take the risks that will be posed in order for you to attain your realized goals. It could stimulate attraction between people by stirring up the emotions of not only the wearer, but also others in proximity, and could encourage marital fidelity. If you are an artist or writer, fire agate could be valuable to you in that it is said to aid in expression and creativity, giving you a bump when you encounter an artistic block. Placing fire agate outside of your home on an outside sill could protect your home and family.

Fire agate was and is used as an aid in cases of poor circulation, depression and lethargy. It may improve one's night vision, analytical abilities, perception and ability to concentrate. It is believed to provide benefits for the metabolism, colon and endocrine system. It is also claimed to aid in improving sexual activity and in the treatment of sexual imbalances, being a stone connected to the fire element. Additionally, it may help guard against sleepwalking or reduce symptoms of epilepsy.

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