The Healing Properties of Crystals



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  • Pronunciation: [stron-shee-uh-nahyt, -shuh-nahyt]

  • Formula: SrCO3

  • Stone Qualities: Confidence, strength, self-control

  • Hardness (Mohs): 3.5

  • Chakras: Solar Plexus (3rd), Third Eye (6th), Sacral (2nd)

  • Zodiac: Aries

  • Locality: Strontian, Scotland, and Munster, Germany


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Strontianite belongs to the aragonite group and is a raw material that is very important in the process of strontium extraction. It is one of just a few strontium minerals and a rare carbonate mineral. It does not exist free in nature. Strontianite was named after its locality in Scotland in 1971, where it had been discovered a year previous. Since then, it has also been found in other regions of the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, India, Mexico, Russia, and the United States. It occurs in veins and open vugs at low temperature and, probably, also very low pressure. It is gray, white, light yellow, green, brown or colorless in coloration and exhibits an orthorhombic crystal system, a Moh's scale hardness of 3.5, a brittle tenacity, a specific gravity of 3.74 to 3.78, a white streak, and a vitreous and greasy luster. As it is fragile, special care should be taken in handling this mineral. Strontianite is also almost always fluorescent. Large, individual crystals are extremely rare and highly sought after by collectors.


In the metaphysical world, strontianite is regarded as a stone of strength, awareness and confidence. It represents the element of storm and thus should be viewed as a powerful ally as opposed to a gentle stone. It is said to be a powerful stimulator of the solar plexus and third eye chakras. Keeping it with you, holding it and gazing into it and/or wearing it set in jewelry on a regular basis is believed to enhance one's inner vision, confidence, strength, self control, decisiveness, sexuality and overall enthusiasm for life and attitude toward it. Those under its influence may also experience an increase in vitality, endurance, thrift, practicality, and organization as well as mystic and spiritual awakening. Strontianite is claimed to stimulate the kundalini and support emotional release, self recognition and energetic clearing. It is a perfect stone to keep with you if you choose to practice the martial arts, due to its alleged abilities to sharpen perception and judgment and enhance strength. This stone will work best when paired with a good grounding stone, such as black tourmaline or hematite, which can help the body to process and integrate its powerful energy. Its affirmation, according to the Book of Stones, would be, “I move confidently into full engagement with life, filled with clarity, enthusiasm and inner strength.”


Strontianite is valued by crystal healers for its renowned ability to clear initial emotional and energetic debris at the beginning of a healing session and activate the energy field. This better allows the healer to focus on the core issues at hand. The stone is believed to stimulate elimination through through the kidneys, bowels and skin (in the form of perspiration). In addition, strontianite may promote the health and proper functioning of the sex organs and help people to manage their anxiety.


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