The Healing Properties of Crystals



Quick Overview

  • Pronunciation: [hee-lee-uh-dawr] 

  • Formula: Be3Al2(SiO3)6

  • Stone Qualities: Will, mental clarity

  • Hardness (Mohs): 7.5 - 8

  • Chakras: Solar Plexus (3rd)

  • Zodiac: Leo

  • Locality: Brazil, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Namibia


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“Heliodor,” a greek name meaning “gift from the sun,” is the name that was bestowed upon the golden yellow or sometimes golden green variety of a mineral called beryl. It is also sometimes referred to as “golden beryl.” A beryllium aluminum silicate, its golden appearance is produced when some of its aluminum content is replaced by iron. Despite its impressive name, this stone lacks fire and brillance, making it a rare sight in jewelry. Heliodor can be slightly radioactive as it may contain trace amounts of uranium. It was discovered in 1910, in Namibia. It has since been found in Madagascar, Brazil, Russia, and Connecticut and Maine in the United States. Heliodor crystals, which make up some of the largest examples of crystals in the world of gems, have an extremely distinctive hexagonal prism shape. The largest faceted specimen can be seen on display in Washington D.C., at the Smithsonian Institution. It is flawless and a whopping 2,054 carats. Heliodor exhibits a brittle tenacity, a Moh's hardness of 7.5 to 8, and a specific gravity of 2.68 to 2.72. It can be transparent, translucent or opaque depending on the specimen.

Not surprisingly, on a metaphysical level, heliodor is believed to house and emit the very power and warmth of sunshine. Referred to by many as the “sunshine stone,” it is considered to be the ultimate crystal of  optimism, confidence, empowerment and over all well being. It is said to promote strength on both physical and mental levels, self confidence, assertiveness, and power and benevolence, for men and women alike. It is also said to stimulate superior functioning of the brain and higher mind. Wearing or carrying this stone with you may transform you into a selfless leader of true nobility. If you tend to be an emotional person who reacts to situations on emotional impulse rather than setting aside those emotions and using your head to address problems, this stone may also help you to make your decisions based on wisdom. If you are a beaten down survivor of any sort of abuse, heliodor could possibly renew your self trust and self worth, and assist you in taking back the power in your life and in moving forward.

Crystal healers assert that heliodor can be beneficial in the treatment of ailments of the spleen liver, and pancreas. It may also aid disorders of the small intestine and digestive system, nausea, bilious attacks, chronic constipation, diarrhea, and jaundice. It is also believed to warm digits or stiff limbs caused by poor circulation or cold, improve long- and short-sightedness, benefit the heart, provide healing benefits for Seasonal Affective Disorder and skull damage or concussions, and strengthen the immune system. If it is cold and flu season, try projecting the golden light from heliodor onto any surfaces or objects that may be contaminated with germs. Some claim that it would purify them.

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