The Healing Properties of Crystals

Mookaite Jasper


Quick Overview

  • Pronunciation:

  • Formula: SiO

  • Stone Qualities: Perception, understanding behavioral patterns

  • Hardness (Mohs): 6.5 - 7

  • Chakras: Third Eye (6th), Solar Plexus (3rd), Root (1st)

  • Zodiac: Leo

  • Locality: Australia

Mookaite Jasper

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Mookaite jasper is a beautiful mineral of earthy, bold color that is found in the outcroppings near Mooka Creek in the Kennedy Ranges of western Australia. “Mooka” is an aboriginal term that means “running waters,” in reference to the springs feeding into this area. Over the course of millennia, the skeletal remains of microscopic protozoa with a hard silica shell were deposited in shallow parts of sea beds as sediment. Additional silica contained in groundwater solidified these remains as water receded, along with minerals that gave the mookaite jasper its astounding range and combinations of color, including burgundy, red, brown, mauve, purple, yellow and cream. It exhibits a hardness of 6 to 7 and a specific gravity of 2.62 to 2.66.

Metaphysically, mookaite jasper is said to strengthen our connection with the earth's electromagnetic energy currents and increase the life force within our bodies. Wearers claim that it increases will and personal power, promotes seeking of and acceptance of new experiences, and awakens animal instincts useful in making decisions where conflicting factors are involved, making it easier to identify the correct path to take. It is said to help people discover their full potential and increase their self confidence and self worth. It gives off a constant powerful energy of vitality and strength that may keep a person well grounded and focused while simultaneously quieting distracting thoughts and soothing the mind. It is believed to aid procrastinators by bringing forward motivation needed to solve an avoided issue as well as the reason for avoidance. Mookaite jasper might be considered a stone of clarity.

Mookaite jasper is believed to help counter the effects of aging, give the immune system a boost, help restore the deteriorating tissues of internal organs, and help treat high blood sugar, cystitis, and bladder and kidney disorders. It may help maintain fluid and mineral balance within the body. Wearers claim that it reduces stress and therefore has the power to soothe the digestive system. It is beneficial to have around when trying to become pregnant, as it is claimed to aid in reproduction efforts as well as assist the body during pregnancy. Other reported health benefits of mookaite jasper include enhancement of blood purification and healing process. Specifically, red mookaite is said to stimulate the root or base chakra, which controls movement and the energy for kinesthetic feeling and is located at the base of the spine. Scarlet and gold mookaite activates the second chakra, or the sacral chakra, which controls the flow of life force and energy within the body as well as the exchange of information between the body and the mind. This chakra is located above the pubic bone and below the navel. Yellow mookaite stirs the solar plexus chakra, which is the chakra governing relationships and serves as the energy distribution center. This chakra is located above the navel and below the ribcage, and controls the digestive and immune systems. Stimulation of this chakra better enables us to fight allergic reactions and infections and make use of ingested nutrients.

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