The Healing Properties of Crystals



Quick Overview

  • Pronunciation: [uh-strof-uh-lahyt]

  • Formula: (K,Na)3(Fe++,Mn)7Ti2Si8O24(O,OH)7

  • Stone Qualities: Astral Travel, Psychic Protection

  • Hardness (Mohs): 3-4

  • Chakras: All

  • Zodiac: Scorpio

  • Locality: USA, Canada, Norway, Greenland, Russia


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Astrophyllite is a hydrous potassium iron titanium silicate mineral that is golden yellow or brown in coloration and it is extremely rare. It belongs to the group by the same name. It is classed as either  a “phyllosilicate,” a “inosilicate,” or sometimes as an intermediate between those two. It is usually found in fissures and cavities in atypical felsic igneous rocks and is primarily of interest to collectors and scientists. Astrophyllite is normally opaque or translucent, but thin specimens may be transparent. Its crystal habit may be described as “bladed, radiating stellate aggregates,” or, in massive form, as “lamellar.” It exhibits a triclinic crystal system, a Mohs scale hardness of 3-4, a greasy, pearly, submetallic luster, a white or yellowish brown streak, and a specific gravity of 3.2-3.4. It is soft, heavy, fragile, rare and expensive, and thus seldom seen as an ornamental piece. However, it is sometimes fashioned into cabochons to be used in jewelery. Astrophyllite was originally discovered in Laven Island, Norway, in 1854. It has since been found in a few other scarce and remote locations within Canada, Greenland, Russia, and Colorado in the United States. Its name comes from the Greek words “astron,” which means “star,” and “phyllon,” meaning “leaf,” because of the patterns present within it.

On a metaphysical level, astrophyllite is regarded as a stone that protects, grounds and calms its keeper. It is a great stone for life partners, as it is believed to activate a “soul connection” that essentially allows partners to “see into” each other's souls. This tends to bring honesty, fidelity and intimacy into the relationship or marriage. Meditating with astrophyllite and/or keeping it on your person and in your home is believed to help move lives forward in a positive direction, facilitating needed major changes and manifesting dreams. If a phrase was attached to it, “when one door closes, another door opens” would be appropriate. Astrophyllite helps us to see what is no longer working in our lives and needs to be discarded, and to find the courage to let these things go. It is believed to help us to get a grasp on our full potential and encourage us to live up to that potential. This wonderful stone may also assist with astral travel. Astrophyllite resonates with all chakras and may align them to the soul's purpose by energizing each one of them as needed.

In terms of physical healing of the body, astrophyllite has been used by crystal healers and in folklore to combat ADD and ADHD, seizures, and stress and anxiety. It is also claimed to aid in the elimination of fat deposits, facilitate cellular regeneration, help with menopause and PMS, and promote the proper functioning and overall health of the endocrine and reproductive systems.

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