The Healing Properties of Crystals

Agni Gold Danburite


Quick Overview

  • Pronunciation: [ag-nee gold dan-ber-ite]

  • Formula: CaB2(SiO4)2 

  • Stone Qualities: Truth, clarity, courage

  • Hardness (Mohs): 7 - 7.5 

  • Chakras: Solar Plexus (3rd), Crown (7th) 

  • Zodiac: Leo 

  • Locality: Southern Africa

Agni Gold Danburite

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A rarer calcium borosilicate crystal of bright lemon yellow coloration, Agni (Sanskrit word meaning “fire”) Gold Danburite exhibits a hardness of 7 to 7.5 and an orthorhombic crystal system.  It was first discovered in the southern region of Africa in 2006 and is unlike any other form of Danburite.  It is unique in both its color and unusual massive form.

Agni Gold Danburite, a high energy/vibration crystal of thought and clarity, is said to carry the holy inner fire of the sun.  It is an excellent stone to use to aid in meditation.  It is believed to support the will in bringing dreams into manifestation and facilitate a connection between its keeper and the angelic realm.  It is claimed to aid in the discovering of one's purpose, destiny and relationship and to source and purify and clarify consciousness, enabling one to act and speak from a place of true honesty.  It may enhance joy, gratitude, enthusiasm, clairvoyance, mental clarity, and overall well-being.  Whether carrying it with you, gazing at it, or wearing it in the form of jewelry against your skin, you might notice that keeping Agni Gold Danburite with you as a companion strengthens your self-confidence, self-respect, and self-esteem as a whole.  In addition to its special specific properties Agni Gold Danburite also offers to you all of the benefits of Danburite itself, which is considered to be an outstanding stone of healing.  Energy blockages may be broken up and released which assists in all levels of healing.  You may suddenly feel encouraged to discover and maintain your own sense of self identity in the world and to “let your light shine” so to speak.  You may notice an awakening of (or stimulation of) your intellectual side and experience a greater appreciation and love of self.  Agni Gold Danburite resonates primarily with the third eye chakra which is considered to be the “window of inner vision” and the “seat of the will.”  Those who are interested in experiencing the benefits of this crystal might consider accompanying it with Nirvana Quartz and Moldavite in order to magnify the desired effects.  To magnify the angelic connection provided by this form of Danburite couple it with white Danburite, Azeztulite, or Petalite.  Seraphinite should be used along with Agni Gold Danburite if its healing aspects are what are most desired.

As far as physical healing is considered Agni Gold Danburite is particularly used by crystal healers in order to aid in the treatment of digestive issues or issues involving metabolism.  Using Agni Gold Danburite in crystal healing also provides the benefits of Danburite in general.  Danburite is regarded as strongly detoxifying and is used to treat ailments of the gall bladder, liver, chronic conditions, and allergies.  It can also be used to address fertility issues, promote a healthy pregnancy, and to ease the process of childbirth.