The Healing Properties of Crystals

Chrysanthemum Stone


Quick Overview

  • Pronunciation: [kri-san-thuh-muhm stohn]

  • Stone Qualities: Grounding, discovery

  • Hardness (Mohs): 3 - 4

  • Chakras: All

  • Zodiac: Taurus & Aquarius

  • Locality: Canada, China and the USA

Chrysanthemum Stone

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Chrysanthemum stone is a Permain age stone that is found mainly in China (the Hunan region), where it is revered and represents the chinese imperial family as its official symbol. It has been referred to as “the stone of wealth and honor” by the chinese for centuries. It is also found in Japan, Canada and the United States. It is a black rock with what appears to be a white flower (or multiple flowers) painted on its surface. However, this “flower” was crafted not by people, but by mother nature herself. Many millions of years in the past, in high pressure and high temperature environments, chrysanthemum stone was formed when silt from the bottom of the sea and marine organisms sank deep down into the earth. At these depths, radial growth of mineral formations occurred, accounting for this stone's special flower pattern. While the black colored base rock is limestone, dolomite, clay gypsum or porphyry, the white flower pattern is made up of celestite, andalusite, calcite or feldspar. Chrysanthemum stone is frequently carved into amazingly complex trees and sprays of flowers.

Often given as a gift to someone who is starting on a new path in life, such as in the case of a career or relationship, chrysanthemum stone is viewed as a stone of change and harmony. It is said to help the receiver to progress and bloom into his or her ideal self and to provide new opportunities and good fortune. In the case of a new or renewed relationship, it may enliven, enkindle and inspire its receiver, while at the same time eliminating animosity, resentment and jealousy from his or her character.  The relationship would benefit from enhanced compatibility and an increased feeling of unity between partners. If you would like to experience these effects from chrysanthemum stone, you may “use” your specimen in a few different easy ways, or even try a combination of methods for the full effect. You may keep it in your pocket, use it for meditation, and/or store it under your pillow before falling asleep at night. After only a few days, you should experience unexplainable child-like awe and euphoria, as well as insight into whatever problems may be ailing you in your life. You should suddenly fully understand the importance of living in the moment. Although it is primarily associated with the heart chakra, chrysanthemum stone is believed to work on all chakras, and therefore can be combined with almost any other stone depending on which aspects in particular its keeper wishes to amplify.

Crystal healers sometimes use chrysanthemum stone to combat female reproductive health problems, such as menstrual cycle issues and cystitis. However, it is also believed to aid in the removal of toxins from the body and to provide benefits for the skeletal system and the skin.

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